2019 kicks off with Rectifying Zion

Posted by Dewald Bodenstein

Happy new year to everyone!

Our first work week of 2019 has been very exciting. We've been working on adding Post Processing effects and the Day and Night cycle into the Unity project.

Unity has quite a few helpful features, like there standard Procedural Skybox, to quickly create a basic Day/Night cycle. So far we've only added a script to control the fog and ambient light color to preset values as the day progresses. I'm thinking of adding a few changes to the sun's color as well but still need to play around with this.

The terrain trees, which are Unity Tree Creator trees, are causing some lighting issues. Because we will not be using any baked lightmaps, the billboards don't seem to react to the shadows cast by our dynamic sun light. Changing the ambient light as the day progresses helps in this regard but we've now picked up an unusual issue where, if the camera is standing still, the billboards are not reacting to the changes in ambient light. But we're working on figuring this one out.

We've also fixed up a few of the terrain textures and added some missing normal maps.

Check back soon as we are getting the scene ready for our new trailer video!

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