Early Access update (Build 10.2)

Posted by Dewald Bodenstein

And we're back!

When you think things are gonna go as planned they just don't. And here we are 4 months later...

Finally we have the Open World test build uploaded and ready to test for the first time.

This update is big. The Open World terrain assets are just about 15GBs alone.

While there's not much you can do yet, its 470 square kilometers, chunked up, and streamed from your hard drive. This opens the way for a whole lot. I'll be adding some GPS functionality to it in a next update so you can see or go to a real world location in game.

Also in this update I've added a launcher from which you will be able to open up each test build. This update now includes the Game Play build (Jerusalem area) and the Open World build. You can also view our News feed and Send feedback directly from the launcher.

The Game Play build has also been updated with minor changes with an updated character/combat and horse controller.

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