Early Access update (Build 9)

Posted by Dewald Bodenstein

Hay everyone!

Build 9 has been uploaded and we have a whole bunch of changes for this one.

You can now play test some weapons with new attack combos at the new Armoury area or explore the region from the Kidron Valley and Valley of Hinnom. The day and night cycle has also been enabled and improved.

Here's the list of all changes:

  • Horse and character animations improved
  • Horse cloth hair added
  • Added pike and rock weapons
  • Added attack combos
  • Fixed bow and arrow
  • Enabled day/night cycle (was never enabled! )
  • Added moon and improved shadows during sunset/sunrise
  • All menus updated
  • Added day/night cycle and day number in HUD display
  • Added 3 fast travel locations and menu (press T or M to access)
  • Added character stats menu (press C to access)
  • Added controls menu

Please test and give us feedback/comment on our Discord server or here in the Steam Community HUB.

Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/WXbg9RHcXQ
Or join our Steam Community forum: https://steamcommunity.com/app/939610/discussions/

Help us out by purchasing early access! You can also donate or get involved through our website: https://quasistellar.co.za/get-involved

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