First Early Access WIP update (Build 8)

Posted by Dewald Bodenstein

We are so excited to see people have started supporting us and many have added Rectifying Zion to their Wishlist as well.

We have been working on a few minor updates that we decided to upload (use of the Unity GUI is a shame). The game is still raw and in early stages but we hope to progress faster as more people show their interest and support.

Here's what's changed in Build 8:
- replaced the default Unity GUI
- added a travel distance tracker (see in pause menu)
- and added some ambient sounds to the different regions (not final)

We have a few 'Play-ground' areas planned for later updates which we would love the community to play around in, test and then give us feedback and comment on our Discord server or here in the Steam Community HUB.

Join our Discord server:
Or join our Steam Community forum:

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