Getting started with Moai SDK

Posted by Dewald Bodenstein

I recently joined an Independent Developer group on LinkedIn where someone asked members to post what engines they are using for mobile development. One of the engines that came up was Moai SDK and that Double Fine Adventure was going to be developed with it. This got my attention and the fact that it uses Lua as a scripting language, the same as Love2D, which is what I used to develop the Windows version of Nordik The Treasure Hunter.

So these are the steps I've followed, so-far, to get started with it:

  1. Download the Moai SDK
  2. Download Zero Brane Studio (an IDE for Lua development, with Moai live coding)
  3. Read the Moai White Paper
  4. The Introduction section on the Moai SDK Wiki
  5. Read the Moai SDK Basics Part One and Part Two
  6. Follow the Rocket Lobster tutorial
  7. Read the Moai Box2D Tutorials section on the Wiki
  8. Try some of the samples of the MoaiGUI by Derick Dong, which is included in the SDK
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