Is this project dead?

Posted by Dewald Bodenstein

Well, it was.

It was?

Yes, its been over a year since I was able to touch on it but this year looks much better.

What's changed?

As I am only able to work on Rectifying Zion part-time, all other work has kept me crazy busy since about November 2022. A lot of stuff that I had to tend to after hours has been cleared out. Unfortunately I still cannot work on it full-time but the extra time slot, that I had to use for other projects, is now open.

Are you the only one working on this project?

At the moment, yes. I am hoping to get help this year. Some of the tools and integrations that I am developing will be made available to the Unity community and hope to get contributors for testing and possibly also for development through there as I'm sure they will be handy to more developers out there.

When do you expect to complete Rectifying Zion?

My goal is to have it done this year. Probably near the end of the year.

I'm really grateful to those who have shown interest in Rectifying Zion and especially those who have purchased Early Access on Steam. I'm very excited and thrilled to get this game out and into the hands of players world wide.

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