Moving over to Unity

Posted by Dewald Bodenstein

Over the years as an independent developer the biggest time consumer has been the need for better tools. You either have to build your own, try to make a bunch of open source tools work together or make due without them (good luck!). I believe a good level editor should be at the centre of all development and with it should be compilers and optimizers etc. to make things work and still look good, even for low end systems. Now where would you ever get that as an indie? UDK, Unity3D?

Almost a year ago we decided to give the free version of Unity a try (I used to be set on making everything myself, because I believe can, just need the time... hmm, now where did the time go?). Since then I can kick myself for not doing so even earlier. At the moment we are considering to move all our projects over to it. Not only does it have a good easy to use level editor, the scripting is quite seamless (with Javascript or C#, etc.) and the exporting functionality is very impressive and also available for most well known platforms, even in its free version (UDK Android?).

It doesn't have everything you want, but the pro's out-weigh the con's so far that it really doesn't make sense not to make it a part of your tool set. So don't be stubborn like me, go give it a try, Now!

The first project we are moving over is Platu and we'll have some media up for it in the near future.

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