Dewald Bodenstein

Dewald is passionate about solving problems and creating purposeful user experiences. From websites, web and mobile apps to games and videos, Dewald has years of experience in multiple fields. His interest in game development started as a hobby right from when he first began coding in 1998, at 13 years of age. He has been working in the web development industry from about 2006.

Dewald has created custom web and mobile applications for online training, manufacturing workflow management, e-commerce, accounting, cryptocurrency trading, financial technology and even mining. In game development, he has created mods for multiple games, worked with multiple game engines, coded game frameworks and tools for game engines and created 3 games from start to finish. He coded the game, Loot Defence, which has won the 2019 MTN Game of the Year award.

More personally, Dewald has been married for 10 years and has 2 boys. He is also a fervent follower of Jesus Christ.